Buying cores from merchants!

I realized that since I’ll most likely not be able to actually use the cores I buy from merchants (since you only get one and have a crazy low chance at having another two merchants with that same core) I’ve decided that I should at least show those that I find interesting or am excited to use in the future!

This one is the raven king! Talk about a sweet late-game ability! Can’t wait to add him to my support team.

You can sacrifice a core to have a high chance of encountering that same creature in the next realm you visit. That way you can get more cores to summon the creature you want.

I had tried that a couple times and was actually about to try again to write down the bug. Because every time I sacrifice a core i bought from a merchant that I don’t have unlocked, the game crashes on my first battle against the desired creature. I’ve only lost a few dear cores, but I haven’t been able to mark down the error message yet, since it’s on my phone and I didn’t have paper and pen to jot down the error message.

If I buy a core from Bynine, like the Nightwing Gargoyle, can I extract more cores by using the first core to encounter more creatures in the next realm? Does this method work on cores from merchants, but not core from power spells or bynine’s shop?

You can’t sacrifice cores obtained from power spells, Bynine, and certain event-specific creatures. You can only sacrifice cores from creatures that can be unlocked via creature tier upgrades.

Hmmm, whatever bug had happened before must have been sorted out on the most recent update, cause it’s worked without crash twice now. Woot!

that would be a brutal combo abilities if you combine that with the vampire bats ability.