Buying particles: what class?

I’ve been noticing some particles for creatures that I’ve never fought on sale from Bynine. I can guess at an occasional class, but some aren’t, such as the Blademaster and Cosmic Giant. Would it be possible to get these labeled? Some of us like to follow your advice, and spread our classes about.

Sure, I can add that.

Both the Blademaster and Cosmic Giant are Nature, for what it’s worth.


I know this post was more about identifying the class of creatures for particles you can buy, but the title made me think more about purchasing particles.

Would it be possible to implement a balanced system that would let you buy particles for any creature that you’ve already obtained a particle for, or something along those lines?

You can already sacrifice a particle which greatly increases that creature’s spawn rate in the next dungeon you visit. I think that’s already pretty powerful for now. The only reason you can buy some particles using emblems is because that’s the only way to unlock those creatures.