C7's Concepts

This is a concept thread. The difference between this and my suggestion thread is that it’s not things I reasonably see or want in the game rather some concepts that would fit rather well in the game that would be awesome to see and more fleshed out but that I am not suggesting to be in the game, like my multiple talisman and idea threads for Siralim 3. If anything should be considered, you can change whatever you want but credit should be given if it was added because you saw it here (I’m a backer so it shouldn’t really be hard to do since it’ll be somewhere credited anyway as backing)

Generic Talismans

Bag of Riches: +X% more base fortune. (X being 1 or .5)

Here are some things that appeared in previous games that I have not seen in Siralim Ultimate due to the more random nature of them or just not in the game yet as of making this post that I have a concept on how they can come back and/or new features to existing things.

Realm Merchants: A way to get some random loot for all resources like in previous games.

Project: 10k Granite

Materials: 25 Shipping Crates (Wooden boxes), 25 Cardboard Boxes, 1 Trading Papers, 1000-10000 Monster Pieces 1000-10000 Arcane Dust.

Things that the merchant can sell are (h is 100, k is 1000, m is 1000000)
Artifacts (1k per artifact level + 1k+%h per stat slot filled + 5k+%k per trick slot filled +10k per spell and trait slot filled +100k per nether stone slot which should be super rare) Lower levels higher chance
Spells (5k per spell level + 1k+%h spell slots or 5k for slots that dont have a %)
Dwarf Game Tickets (10k-50k)
Materials (100 for common 1k for uncommon 10k for legendary 2k for gemstone)
Furniture Items (1k-50k depending on rarity)
Netherstones (2k per level of netherstone (level 100 would have 200k)
Creature Information Panphlets (100 per level)
Emblems (2k-5k)
The lower the realm depth the rarer the rewards

Talismans related to Merchant
Bargaining Chip: x% cheaper products from Realm Merchants (X being .1 max being 99.9)
Shipment Box: x% chance for more slots from Realm Merchants (x being 10, each 100% means a new slot is unlocked Merchant starts with maximum of 10 slots or 2 pages)