C7's Suggestion Thread

I’ve got some suggestions and if I figure out more, I’ll put them here. This is just a batch of suggestions that I’d like to see and might help the game in the long run. Theres a couple that are a bit more “you should do this” like the pity chances, removing nether orbs and costume shop redundant sorting but otherwise these are just ideas that I think would be good for the game.

Pity chances should be added to the Riddle Dwarf, Nether Realms, any future things that only appear sometimes in realms like the Nether Crucible, and to a MUCH less degree Treasure Golems and Dumplings (Like the chance goes up but not by much so they stay rare).

I’m not certain that there is a nether realm for Lord Zantai anymore but to add (more) Monster Battle nether realms for the creatures that have special names (Apollinaire, Pegasus, Medusa, Shogun, Blademaster, Hammer Lord, Lord Zantai (Of Course), and any I think I’m forgetting). Of course they do not have to exclusive to nether realms but battling these unique creatures is just a cool oncept.

On the topic of nether realms I just remembered that I’ve only seen like 3 nether realms and none of the cool ones form Siralim 3. Maybe they should return with simular effects (Ex:Nether Hermit giving a Nether Stone instead of Singular egg but still being as hard to find) The Dwarf one might mess with the prophecy a bit though so maybe that one should be a special dwarf that doesn’t count for the prophecy?

A couple realm decorations don’t match the floor they go on, they should be resprited to fit.

Arena should be able to fuse creatures. Choosing a second out of the 3 creatures you get when you choose a creature slot. Enemies have same amount of fusions you chose. I’m just reposting my Arena Suggestion Post here.

This is probobly the least likely to get implemented but a way to change the layout of the walls and floors in your castle would be cool. Some of the rooms are just too large to use for practical things and being able to recreate the castles in S1-3 would be fun.

I’m not entirely certain that this is not in the game already but I would not mind having the things you encounter in realms (including interactables) as objects inside your castle. If so ignore this suggestion. These objects should be obtained randomly and not though the gods. Also some (like 1 maybe 2) generic furniture items per category so that its not ALL realm related items, though this might be harder to do than straight porting the things that came from some realms.

“Retro” furniture from Siralim 1/2/3? I know it would look jarring but as an option could be interesting.

Summoning Brazier should have a sort by not obtained order. In the same vain Divination Candle should have a sort by not obtained card order.

There should be prophecies on certain things such as Arena fights, Tavern Brawls, Gate of the Gods, and other features as they get introduced. REMOVE THE NETHER BOSS ONE UNTIL IT IS AVAILABLE. A godspawn project one would be neat but idk how frustrating it would be and one for being on X hours would be fun as long as it was <10 hours. Maybe doing certain things in battles or defeating certain creatures/races might also be good prohecies.

Siralim 3 classes are not costumes and that is a damn shame. I do want all 3? costumes for each class that changed during the gameplay of Siralim 3. The classes still appear in the game as rebels so its not like they are not in the game at all.

Important (non-boss) characters from S3 (and S2/S1?) should also have their sprites (or at least the cats as i miss those sprites and Luna is in). Also we should be able to get costumes of the King of Nex because he has a good sprite and I’m pretty sure hes not in the costume list.

There needs to be lists of all god rewards (that you have earned so far) in order so that it is far easier to know when you got a certain reward.

There should also be a list of projects and project materials for said projects as well.

The ability to sort lists in certain ways like traits by what class/creature the trait comes from, class order for spells, ect.

There should be a way to sort god shops in reward order. Same reason as the codex it would be easier to know which order you unlocked things at.

This is more of an oversight but there is no need to do price order in the Costume Shop unless you plan on making some costumes higher priced than others which might be a good idea (like the characters from the games/specilization costumes)