Cabalist Creatures not casting selected spell

iOS, version 1.0.6, XR

I have mostly been playing as a Cabalist on my iPhone and I have noticed that frequently my creatures never end up casting the spell that I have selected for them. I have all Cabalist perks maxed, and my team is:

Mystical Familiar (fused to Phase Knight) w Artifact w Pierce the Veil
Flood Familiar (fused to Onyx Carbuncle) w Artifact w Dark Passenger
Arcane Familiar (fused to Corrupted Phoenix) w Artifact w Master of Familiars
Nature Shapeshifter (fused to Clawing Cockatrice) w Artifact w Chaos Transformation
Nix Informer (fused to Apis Defender) w Artifact w Poof!
Acedia Sin (fused to Dragon Revenant) w Artifact w Motivation

We also have quite a number of Generous Spell Gems: Elemental Tome, Rabid Dementia, Panic Attack, Astral Dimension, Apocalypse, Requiem. This team is based around spamming tons of Ethereal spells, as is obvious for Calbalist, but often creatures that are not the one whose turn it is will cast first, and the creature whose turn it is will cast something other than the spell gem that I picked for them. I don’t immediately see why this would be so - is it possible that Ethereal Spell Gems get mislabeled after a certain amount of them show up, something else?

Now that you mention it, I think I’ve run into something similar when I was trying out maxed out Cabalist myself. I think perhaps it’s something to do with the Cabalist casting a bunch of spells at once that the game sometimes accidentally phases out the original spell you were trying to cast? I’m not too sure, though.

I mean, as written, Flood Familiar and max Quickdraw should go infinite, so I could see that causing a short circuit to avoid, and All for One plus Spellslinger might also cause some issues, but I think it happened before I had Familiars. I dunno, just thought it was worth mentioning. The “just throw a ton of random stuff” approach still works fine, just that a teensy bit of control wouldn’t go entirely amiss…

Also had this happen with max minions and the Liberation trait + the Master of Occultists Trait.

Psst! Zack! Are you reading this? I’ve got like elevendy spell-spam builds waiting on this getting fixed. However, weirdly, Master of Occultists + Reign of Chaos does not seem to cause a problem, so maybe that’s a helpful hint? (Nope, wait - it wasn’t, but now it is…? I’m pretty confused. And sometimes with Cabalist it even seems to choose an entirely different action - not just casting the wrong spell, but defending or provoking instead of casting at all.)

(Also now sometimes my creature’s XP rewards from combat stop at -1 instead of 0 and I feel like I’ve pumped more gas than I’ve paid, that feels weird? Do I owe you some XP? Please send me your XP-Pal account name and I will wire you some back…)

My guess is that there’s so much stuff queueing up before your intended actions are taken that they surpass the action limit for your creature’s turn. Unfortunately, short of re-coding the entire battle system, this is a bug that probably can’t be realistically fixed.

Welp,you wrote the game and I don’t code so I’ll defer to your knowledge, but it seems to happen more when there are multiple “cast spells X additional time effects” simultaneously instead of just a greater amount of raw numbers overloading a queue. So, for example, Arcane familiar with Clamorous Cockatrice (+4 total spell casts) is less problematic than having both Stonehorn Gargoyle and Master of Occultists (+3 total spell casts). Also, I’ve had lots of success with single source +casts from Stonehorn Gargoyle and all creatures equipped with their own Panic Attack with cast on attack setting up very long mixed cast/attack strings, while sometimes when multiple +cast traits are included in a build the turn that executes is extremely short (like, I choose “cast panic attack,” then the creature in question just defends, then we’re onto the next creature in the Timeline).

Is there, I dunno, some MTG-style stack priority system that sorts out the order in which multiple otherwise identical and passive effects are resolved that you could look at again? Cabalist Familiar seems like the game is begging for you to use it based on the on-paper synergies, but it’s breaking the engine…

Just got it again, on totally different build. Reaver, Seraphs with Master of Seraphs sigil, water/wind Salamander. Selected “Cast: Mass Taunt,” got “Defend.” Visible on line 9, below. What is the actual cap on casts?

Unrelated bug also here: I can’t track the math, but it seems weird that my full Seraphed (so 200% damage) and 12 turns of Urh/Urdox/Naxor Harbinger + Blitzkrieg/Proliferation/Reverberation Panic attacks are still bouncing off my enemies for 0 damage, even at the gate of the Gods. That should be, what, +520% damage on the first non-critical Panic attack and an additional 25% for each additional attack from Reverberation? (That’s assuming the Panic attack 50% is multiplicative and all the damage bonuses are additive, could be much more if all multiplicative.)