I think this might be a bug, but thought i would ask here.

I have a creature with these 3 abilities (each one on a separate creature in the team)
calamity: 50% atk as damage when something dies.
frostfire embodiment: missing health as additional attack. (the wording here sounds like it adds attack stat, not bonus to an attack)
everything is gone: start battle at 65% health.

Now the creature with calamity has less than 600 attack, and about 9k health, this would add together to something like 600+ 9000* 0.35 = 3750 attack, where calamity should hit for halv of this = 1875.

When something dies calamity hits for less than 300 damage. The frostfire embodiement does not apply bonus damage to calamity. Is this intended, or is this a bug? The way I understand the abilities, they should work together. Since added attack stat should work with stat based abilities. If it is not a bug, may I suggest making the frostfire enchant be applied so that it works with stat based abilities? :slight_smile:

Has anyone tested similarily for resin or other stat based abilites, if the increase from frostfire embodiement works with it? If it is a bug, perhaps the same bug applies to the ability that adds defence equal to health missing and defence based abilities as well.

Effects that modify stats such as Frostfire Embodiment only do so while an attack (whether it is incoming or outgoing) is being made. Calamity activates as an event that is independent from an attack, so it won’t receive the stat bonus from Frostfire Embodiment when the damage is calculated.

This might not seem very intuitive in this particular scenario, but this is how most abilities work.

So might you phrase this as “15% of unmodified Attack”?

In my opinion this might be too limiting when it comes to build diversity down the line, but I suggest, as Vagrant above, that the skills that in no way are affected by any buffs get som sort of explanation in their description, like:
Does X% of unmodified stat
Does X% of base stat
Or add something at the end, like for the skills that only activate once (dont stack):
This ability is not affected by any bonuses from other abilities.

I can see how Calamity is already a powerful ability, but I think that making buffs apply to all abilities would make the mechanics less confusing and open up for more fun stuff in the future. :slight_smile:

“Unmodified” or “base” would be inaccurate as well, since you still get the bonuses from artifacts.

You also get the bonus from some abilities like Whetted Fists.

Might work to say certain skills add to global attack, while others are on attack. Or whichever phrasing you’d like, but separating the different types would be nice.

Even just adding “on attack” to those that specifically calculate during the creature’s attack would work, as it is otherwise implied to be added fully.