I was messing around transmuting some legendary mats I had and came across the calamity ability. I made a new artifact and slapped it on my Fallen Carnage and I’m kinda wrecking face now especially with adding a raven guy with everything’s gone.

I was just curious as to the limitations to the ability and how it decides what attack to use since I switched the artifact over to my brim smith and he does about the same damage with each death even though he has dissection.


It basically takes your actual attack at the time (which means that buffs and stuff during the fight affects it), splits it in two and splashes that damage. The best way to get a noticable difference is to equip it toa strong nether with a strong attack stat.
However, Calamity falls of a cliff in terms of output vs enemy health after you get deep enough, and finding alternative routes to clearing or keeping your attack high enough start becoming important. It is very hard to keep up with enemy stats once you get really deep.

Yeah I keep reading about how as you get deeper stats mean less and less for yourself and it’s all about percentages. Kinda makes me sad that all the work into stats might not mean anything in the long run. I could have just been reading into it wrongly.

Stats still hold a very important role in some setups. There are ways to make stats work (Strife, for example, is an excellent way to pull out sick damage even when you face high defense.)

Percentages are just the easier way to go if you aim to go endless. However, going endless is just one part of the game, and there are many more things to explore even when you have everything unlocked.

For me, the game really started being fun once I started going past realm 300, where strategy really took off. Now I spend hours thinking about possible setups, which weaknesses they have, and so on. Then there’s also the arena which is a challenge in it self.

When I first started playing, calamity would deal damage to all enemies equal to 15% of their maximum health everytime a death occurred. It was awesome to watch the domino effect of enemies dying one by one. Couple that with Raven Acolyte cutting everyone’s Max HP in half and Troll Arsonist’s Resin attach doing 35% enemy maximum health as damage before his turn, you had true infinite depth builds. Sadly those days are long gone.

Calamity is still good, but no where near as reliable for infinite depth as it once was.

Para slime + calamity, calamity does damage equal to 50% of the opponents attack. Almost more reliable than it was back when it was 15%.
Honestly though, Im glad those super-easy endless builds are getting patched out. Going endless should require a full 6 man team set up perfectly, basically.

With just a nether (well, nether demon, so 25% extra stats), I’ve gotten a little past floor 200 with Calamity and very basic stat boosts. I finally need to actually hit them twice. Which is easy enough since I can do that before they go, and the 2nd hit is 4x as hard as the first. So I’ll still be able to go quite a distance on stats alone and Calamity. I wouldn’t worry too much about it weakening any time soon as long as you have a build that focuses on attack.


I hear Cold Blood, Ressurection Code, and Calamity are really tasty together.

You should probably watch out for Bone Reapers though.

With frostfire enchant and everything’s gone doesn’t seem to be boosting the calamity even though it should be about 10k attack on my guy from the buff. Is that how it is supposed to work? So far it doesn’t seem to use dissection or frostfire.

Attack-boosting abilities don’t function on Calamity as far as my testing goes. I mostly use Cold Blood to give my already attack-maxed Calamity user more chances to create dead enemies manually.

Inspirit and Bearer of Needs should be a good combo, too, if you don’t want to go with Imlers/Imlings. If it does count as 6 heals, that’s just about a 300% attack bonus. I haven’t tried it to prove it yet, but it’s quite significant. You can get at least 2 of these off with Everything’s Gone even without the enemy hitting you. And 16x your damage is enough to take things out with Calamity for a long time. Though it’s probably easier to just do with a Boulder Imler.

Thanks. I’ll keep all that in mind, but right now I’m seeing how far I can push a hp horde team. :wink: