Can Anything Be Done to Quickly Resolve Pre-battle spells?

I am playing on the PS4, and I am starting to give up because of the lengthy pre-battle spell parade. I find getting spells to trigger before battle is the only way to get a leg up on Daily Realms, Sigils, and higher Nether Realms. I hold the button down, but it still takes up more than 90% of every battle.

Is there a way to auto-resolve pre-battle action, or do you think there is a chance this can be added? I just want to jump to the first action, without any animation or notification of pre-battle activity.
Anyone know if feature addition been fully closed on this game?

pre-battle spells & their triggers sometimes slowly cycling through all teams for over a minute (!) and post-battle too once everything is long dead (sigh) is the most infuriating thing in Siralim 2, and you end up constructing teams that minimize these solely so you don’t stare at your screen bored for 80% of every battle.

Considering how spell triggers completely ignorant of the actual state of the battlefield, I don’t think this can easily be reprogrammed, otherwise it would’ve been fixed long ago :frowning:

I hoped that the nostalgia punishment would minimize this a little, but the amount of resources you get is dependent on the number of enemy creatures on the battlefield, so you end up gimping yourself.

Not really. Unfortunately, that’s the price you pay if you want to use a lot of start-of-battle spells.

your own? no

theirs? nix informer bro :slight_smile:

nothing stops start of battle spells, not silence, a lack of mana, scorn + ‘no traits when scorn’, punishments… I think the best you can do is traits that ignore enemy spell gems completely or make their spells fizzle, that might hit a few at least

i havent had enemies cast in SO LONG with my nix silence… not sure whats up? are you sure? try it man.

also what about agnosticism? i dont use it but it says ‘automatic casting properties’ queen of cats could be right tho

your own ‘start of battle’ spells seem to go first in general, it’s probably one of those hidden advantages zack gave the player.