Can we up the deity points reward for deified?

Could we change it to like 30 deity points per 5000 favor, just like the normal favor progression?

It’s taking an average at best, 5 realm levels to get 5000 favor points, so after 2000 realm levels that’s only 400 deity points.

Break it down to about ‘at the fastest’ it would take 5 minutes to complete 2 realm quests, kill all monsters on that realm level and get all favor items for roughly 1000 favor points. That would take over 8 hours to accrue 100 deity points this way. Most likely a dedicated 200+ hours deity point farming to get the 5000 deity point achievement :confused:

I don’t think there are enough Deity Points available to players right now. I’ve added something to address that in the upcoming patch, and have an additional idea to further fix this issue if it persists after the patch.