Can you think of any interesting Consumable items to add to the game?

As the title states, let’s see if we can come up with some new, interesting Consumable items to add to the game. These could be used on a creature, or simply used while you’re in a realm to affect the realm in some way.

Some of these may be too broken or impossible to program, but you decide:

Chaos/Nature/Sorcery/Life/Death Seed: A rare item that changes a creature’s class.

Seed of Pandemonium: an item that randomly gives a level up or down to a creature.

Unstable Nether Orb: an EXTREMELY rare item that destroys every enemy in the current realm without giving rewards.

Portable Hole: an item that lets you escape from the realm without using Save & Exit or finding the Shrine.

Poison/Protect/etc. Scroll: rare items that add realm buffs and debuffs.

Scroll of Alchemy: a rare item that changes every chest in the current realm to contain only resources.

Magical Map: reveals the current floor’s map.

Compass: reveals the current floor’s shrine location.

Radar: reveals the current floor’s enemy locations.

Please also add some more items like Vanilla Ice Cream :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll think of some more!

Awesome ideas! Definitely going to add a few of these to my to-do list.

Cursed Bell: attracts 3 more enemy parties to the current realm.

Egg of Nilethak, Lord of Dragons: The rarest item in the game, you can only ever find one and it doesn’t do anything. Or does it? :-X

I liked the old pills, as minor and infrequent as they were.

I only want an item that reduces the level of my creatures back to 1. I really dislike the fact that when you replace a creature on your army, its level is much slower than everyone else, and ALL enemies always target it, killing it on every battle until it catches up some.

Pills will definitely be making a return to the game since Gene Strength no longer exists. They probably won’t be called “pills” this time, though.

Now that I know enemies keep coming in realms, I can think of some new items. Maybe they’re too powerful to implement, but you decide :P:

Scroll of Sanctuary: touching enemies doesn’t result in a battle for X steps.

Bell of Fear: enemies run away from you for X steps.

X should probably be a REALLY low number, or they would be overpowered. Maybe they’re just for when the shrine is in front of you but there are enemies everywhere. They should also be very rare, of course.

Bell of Pandemonium: It randomly applies one of these effects:

-Enemies in your current realm level up (including the ones that appear after you use the item).
-Enemies in your current realm level down (including the ones that appear after you use the item).
-The spawn rate of enemies in your current realm is lowered.
-The spawn rate of enemies in your current realm is increased.

Lesser Unstable Nether Orb: very rare item that destroys the enemies currently in your line of sight (so, on screen) without giving rewards.

Resource multiplier Creature:
(Special color)
Defeat this enemy and every next resource collected on the map is multiplied by the amount of defeated multiplier monsters, the moment you initiate a battle with a non-multiplier monster the bonus resets to 0.

Sparkling Gemstone Creature:
(Special color)
Defeat this stronger enemy with one stat maxed out and you will recieve a random spellstone.

Goldplated Creature:
(Special color)
Defeat this stronger enemy with both defense and magic defense maxed out and you will receive extra money.

Gilded Goblet:
Summons a Treasure Golem somewhere on the map for 50~100 amount of steps. If not reached within this time the golem dissapears.

Dwarven Mimic:
Play a simple game of higher/lower with a number between 0 and 10
If you win you’ll get a beneficial effect or resource, and the choice to double the effect with a second round, upon losing you’ll get cursed… double the magnitude if you lose the second round instead of the first!

Able to break a single random piece of rock environment with possible treasure, creature inside or nothing.

Fishing Rod:
Able to cast a fishing rod 1 time in water with possible rewards, creature encounter or nothing.

Stun powder:
Able to freeze an overworld creature in place temporary, allowing the player to escape.

Monster bait:
Attracts nearby creatures towards the tile it’s used on and when 2 creatures manage to meet fuses them into a new single creature group with increased stats for you to fight against.

Dowsing rod:
Works like a treasure map, only X doesn’t mark the spot, you have to press a button in order to initialize a message whether you’re nearby or not. When ~5 spots away you’ll get a sound effect indicating you’re very near.

Cursed items:
While picking up this item you’re getting a debuff for the remainder of the floor.
Cursed items are slightly discolored/warped sprite versions of the original items.

Key Fragment
Combine three of these to get a Treasure Key. Opening a treasure chest with a Treasure Key in your inventory consumes the key and gives you greater rewards.

Heart of Endurance
When used, Health and Mana doesn’t regenerate for the next three battles, and Health decreases every ten steps. After the third battle, you gain additional/rare rewards.

Conga Drums
Nearby enemies will teleport and attach behind your group for a short time. They will not fight you during that time. The music will change to conga music.

Core Corrupter
When used, up to six random cores from your inventory form into creatures for you to fight.

Arcade Ticket
When you use this item, all Arcade Tickets in your inventory gets consumed at the same time. Depending on how many gets consumed will determine what new item you get. Rumor has it that you can summon a rare creature or obtain a legendary item this way.

Spirit Mirror
You create a evil clone of yourself somewhere on the map. You can encounter your clone to fight your team.

Mimic’s Curse
Automatically used when you first enter a realm. This realm’s creatures and objects appear as Treasure Chests.

Mushrooms in a Bag: Increase the chance of encountering a Singular creature in the current realm by 100%.

Scroll of Zoom: Increase movement speed in the current realm by 50-100% (at some point there’s too much speed, but I don’t think we’re there yet).

Warp Scroll: Teleports you to the current realm’s shrine.

Liquid Wormhole: Teleports you to a random location in the current realm.

Barrel o’ Fairies: Your creatures gain minor buffs and a slight boost to experience gained in the current realm. You gain a slight boost to resources gained and chests contain more items in the current realm.

Strange Coin: Flip the coin. Heads: The next treasure chest you open has greatly increased rewards. Tails: The next treasure chest you open has greatly decreased rewards.

Nether Cage: Your creatures have a 100% chance to extract cores from enemy creatures in the next battle.

Entropic Dice: Use on a creature for a random chance of:

  • increasing its level by one.

  • decreasing its level by one.

  • creature coughs up a spell gem or two.

  • creature presents you with an artifact or two it found.

  • creature does a magic trick and pulls a rune or two out of your ear.

  • creature becomes violently ill and vomits out a bunch of resources.

  • And a very small chance of turning the creature into a singular creature.

Been a while since i’ve been here, time to stretch the creative muscles!

Fairies from Siralim 2: With the removal of Power Balance as a mechanic, these items are not going to serve a purpose at the moment, and as such won’t be needed. Suggestion!
Fairies are stacking consumable, on use buffs that provide between 2-10% to all stats, with the duration (In either floors or fights) determined by the number you release.

Nether Orb: Operating similarly to Sigils of old, you fight against a singular, vastly more powerful monster. Increases drop values of related, normal monster by 1%

Spellbook of the {class} Mage: Consumable item that grants you one spell gem of your choosing, from the appropriate class.

Orb of {Resource}: Consumable item that doubles all drops for one realm, of the appropriate resource.

Stone of Alchemical Conversion, {Resource}: Consumable item that transforms all resource drops to a single type, of the appropriate resource.

Pill of Fervor: Recently born creature reverts to level 1, but it and all offspring gain 1% more experience.

Pill of Growth: Recently born reverts to level 1, but it and all offspring has a chance to increase Heredity Level by one additional step when bred.

Pill of Endowment: Recently born creature reverts to level 1, but it and all offspring have all base stats increased by 1.

Pill of Vigor: Recently born creature reverts to level 1, but it and all offspring gain an increased critical hit chance.

{Joke} Viagra Creation Kit: Combine five of each Pill of Enhancement into a stronger pill.
{Joke} Viagra: Creature does not get lost when breeding. May only be used once per creature.

Not a consumable, but taking an idea from Pokemon here. So the games have become a form of Rock-Paper-Shotgun, where if you go first, you demolish the enemy, so this is my idea for allowing the growth of monsters, while simultaneously allowing for a little more chance in the enemy’s favor.

           Equippable Accesory type, Training Belts. Reduce speed to below the fastest opposing monster, in exchange for 10% faster growth in an appropriate stat.       

Soul Mirror: Repeat the last Sigil you had completed, as if it were an Otherworldly Sigil.

Otherworldly Inhibitor: Decrease the levels of the Otherworldly Champion’s monsters to match your highest present monster. Reduces reward for victory.

Otherworldly Enhancer: Increase the levels of the Otherworldly Champion’s monsters to match your highest present monster. Increases reward for victory.

Beacon of {Godly Entity}: Contact respective god to summon them to the realm you are currently in. Summoned god will act as a vendor as if found in their natural realm.

Superior Beacon Builder Kit: Combine three Beacon of {Godly Entity} to create a Superior Beacon of the respective god.

Superior Beacon of {Godly Entity}: Summons respective god to the realm you are currently in, and initiates two Realm Quests to build favor, based on the realm type you are in.

Empowered Beacon Builder Kit: Combine three Superior Beacons of {Godly Entity} to create an Empowered Beacon of the respective god.

Empowered Beacon of {Godly Entity}: Summons respective god to the realm you are currently in, and grants enough Favor to move to the next rank of Respect.

Almighty Beacon Builder Kit: Combine one of each Empowered Beacon of {Godly Entity} to form an Almighty Beacon.

Almighty Beacon: Teleport you to a Realm of the Gods, where you can ask one god for a themed Accessory, Weapon, or Spell Gem.

The Beacons came to me as an idea where one could have either a short, medium, or long term goal to provide themselves with, perhaps coupled with a story element. After all, depending on the rarity, collecting nine of each of the base items could take a fairly long time, while still allowing for the excess to provide a use, rather than just wasting inventory space.

Example of themed weapon/accessory/spell gem, in that order.

Gonfurian’s Mighty Axe: All physical attacks increased by 50%, and have a chance to cleave the row of attacked creature for 25%, slam the column of attacked creature for 50%, or smash all creatures for 15% of original damage. Unable to have Resource, Spell effect, or Out of Combat affixes.

Lister’s Shiny Gem: All defenses are modified by a tiny percentage of your wealth. When attacked, have a chance to reflexively cast a random spell of the superior element in regards to the attacker, based on wealth. Unable to have Defensive, Spell effect, or Out of Combat affixes.

Tartarith’s Gem of Aftermath: Each use of Tartarith’s Aftermath per combat gains an additional Chaos spell cast after it resolves, up to four spells. Consumes 90% mana, and always has either Cast on Defend, Cast on Provoke, or a lower chance to Cast on Attack. Creature is unable to equip any spell gems other than Chaos, regardless of circumstance.