Cannot acquire data


I recently got a new phone. I never wrote down that 12 digit code associated with your guys cloud save. Is there any way to recover this lost account?

Since I have ported all my information to this new phone the game has not been working. I suspect it has something to do with the cloud save. Upon booting up the game it just freezes at the new game screen and displays the message “Online data could not be acquired.”

Any tips? Thanks.

Cloud saving isn’t implemented yet - I just mentioned that in another topic so that people knew what was coming. What operating system are you talking about, and how exactly did you transfer your save file? If it says that the data cannot be obtained, it means your phone can’t get a connection to the internet. If it’s freezing, that’s probably something outside of the scope of the game itself since there’s nothing that would cause the game to lock up at the title screen - have you tried restarting the phone?

I’m running the latest version of iPhone 5s. I did not have any means to transfer the data to this new device. Was counting on the cloud save, but that is ok. I love this game enough I’ll just start over like a boss.

However, the game is still freezing at the entry menu to make a new game. As you can see I have an Internet connection. The controls are not showing (the A and B/ directional pad). I have tried restarting the phone. Perhaps a reinstallation is in order?

It’s strange that the controls aren’t showing. Reinstalling will probably fix it so please give that a try and let me know if it works.

Cloud saving will hopefully be implemented within the next week, so it’ll probably be on iOS before the end of the month.

The reinstallation fixed the issue. Now this time, I’m enabling hardcore and random monsters! Roar!

***edit: The main menu still says no data connection. I can play the game though.

Fixing the online thing right now - it’s a small issue with the server so I’ll probably just have to restart it.

There we go, fixed!