Cannot Update IOS

I managed to update to 1.1 when it came out on the App Store. Played for a few days no problems.

Then the update button came back up so I updated it again.

When it was finished updating it was back to 1.0.11

Since then. 3 days ago. I have constantly been updating it. Every time it updates completed when I open it it is version 1.0.11.

The updated finishes and says update again. It will not update to 1.1.1

The version in the App Store says 1.1.1

I have tried;

Closing all apps and re-opening
Restarting my phone
Uploading my save to the cloud and re downloading the game from scratch.

At this point I’m super annoyed. I cannot play my save and I don’t want to start from scratch for no reason after 50+ hours in.
And I cannot update to the latest version of the game

I don’t know what else to try.