Cannot use confirm button on windows phone

  1. This is a bug.

  2. See description below.

  3. Windows Phone.

  4. Version 2.2.0

  5. See description below.

I loved the idea of transferring my Steam save to my phone and continuing the same game on there so I bought the Windows Phone version. The first time I started it the game showed me where the D-Pad and buttons were and I used them to copy my cloud-save id to my phone and download my savegame. Everything was working great. This was friday.

But now, when I start it up, it doesn’t show me where the buttons are anymore. No problem, I remember kind of. But the D-Pad seems to have moved from lower left to upper left, making me put my hands over the screen so I can’t see half of it. I can move the cursor up and down. But when I want to confirm, no matter where I touch the screen, nothing happens. going over the whole screen, all I’ve been able to do is go to the credits screen, regardless of where the cursor actually was.

An option to see where the buttons are at all times by making the area lighter/darker would help a lot, although I’m also getting the feeling that something else is going wrong because I’ve touched the screen everywhere and the buttons were not that small.

Sorry about that! Just for the sake of testing, what happens if you rotate your phone 180 degrees? Are the buttons correct then?

In both cases the D-Pad is in the upper left. At least, the up and down buttons. The menu doesn’t normally respond to left and right of course, and the only thing I can get the game to do is to move the cursor up and down by touching the screen in the top left, with down being a bit below up as it’s supposed to be.

That is a strange bug that I will have to look into. Thanks for the info. To fix it for now, reinstalling the game should work.