Can't import my save

Hi i’m playing on window 1.0.9
I have an issue that when in import a save from the cloud it instantly disapear and and the continue option has disapeared too. what is strange is that i actually have files in the save file location for slot 1 and 4 but the game don’t recognize them. I’m perfectly able too import these save an play it on my phone so the save is ok but i’ve tried to uninstall the game twice on my computer and it still dont wort =(
if you can help me once more xD

ok if anyone have the same issue i’ve found a quick way to fix it until a patch correct it :
1 open the game file : C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Siralim3
2 launch your game , press “import from the cloud” but don’t do anything when the “choose the file you want to import” apear
3 in the file that you open in step 1 must apears few new files named “cloudsave1” 2 3 etc, copy those files on your computer then close the game.
4 always on the same folder open the “save” folder and put yous “cloudsavesX” files in.
5 renames the “cloudsaveX” as “slotX” where X is the number of the slot you want your save in (an empty one of course)
After that your saves must work , at least it was the case for me but keep in mind that playing with saves and game files are risky, it worked for me but idk if this will work for you or even if i’m the only dumb who has this issue xD