Can't import save from cloud

Platform: windows 10


I have a save from the mobile version(which is out dated currently)which i uploaded to the cloud so i could play it on laptop,windows 10.But it doesn’t download ANY save files from the cloud.Even tho i downloaded it on my PC as well,which has windows 7,i played it for a while and uploaded it on the cloud,so the save file should be updated.It’s as if windows 10 doesn’t allow steam to download from the cloud, becuase even if i try to overrite the save files it just deletes the original one,but if i boot up the game agian the original save file is restored.

Please help.

Could you please give me a detailed list of steps on how to reproduce this? Everything appears to be working correctly for me.

I tried to wrote it as detailed as possible,but i give it another go.

Mobile version is 1.3.5. I exported this save file to the pc windows 7 which has 1.4.0 version of the game.Then i played about an hour with this save and uploaded it to the cloud,which now i can’t download it to the laptop which is windows 10 and the game i 1.4.0.

Also, the game AND steam is added to the exceptions with firewall and the antivirus.

All three devices has the same cloud id.They all can “see” the saves,but the laptop can’t download it.

Any success yet ?

I still don’t see any issues, so unless you can break it down into detailed steps to see if there’s some extremely specific circumstance that causes this to happen, I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice.

Does windows 10 need to be logged in with a microsoft account to be able to use cloud features ? Or anything else?Or the game handles everything and only need steam and siralim 3 ? Also,what more details can i write?

Edit:Ok,i don’t know why cloud doesn’t work,but i could put the save files manually on the laptop,so it works.

I also have the same issue. I can export/import to cloud normally on android/mac but on my Windows 7 it doesn’t work. I choose the save file to import, but it doesn’t appear there (no continue option in the menu, when trying to import again it’s empty). I’ll try checking if the savefile maybe somehow is readonly on my desktop. I’ll also try to start a new game and save and see if it really saves.