Can't make my nether diabolic observer..

When I go to the nether creators this is all shows up… I’ve summoned almost everything and I have cores for them still… and I have level 10 gems made for like 20 creatures

I might be wrong, but do you have a Diabloic Intruder in your stable? It is possible that you can only make nethers of creatures you have already summoned.

Do you have a Diabolic Intruder Core? Do you have enchanted Diabolic Intruder gems? (make sure they’re not called “gems” - they should be rubies, topazes, etc).

So… I was drunk last night and totally forgot about upgrading my 200 diaboloc observers gems to sapphires… lol

Sorry for the false alarm guys

It’s ironic how often I run into this kind of thing over on Steam.