Can't Progress (PS4)

Tried a few different times and the game continues to crash as soon as I try to progress into realm 98. It’s the last step of my prophecy and no matter what realm I transfer to, as soon as it loads me into the realm and my prophecy is completed, the game crashes. I’ve tried numerous times with no success. My version shows 1.3.22 as well and I thought it had recently updated but I see no record of that happening.

Could you please take a screenshot (or picture with your phone) of the full crash message?

As unbelievable as it may be, it worked this last time I ran realm 97 in order to get it to crash on 98 again. I took a screenshot during the prophecy completion messages and it didn’t crash this time around. If it happens again, I’ll be sure to get a shot of it the first time. Any way of knowing why it crashed before? I did send a report but I don’t know who actually gets those when they’re sent through the Playstation crash system.

I’m honestly not sure about that one - the error catcher in the game doesn’t even have a “report” button so it sounds like it was something related to PS4 itself (still the game’s fault of course, but my guess is the game was using up too much RAM). If you have an excessive amount of spell gems or artifacts, you might want to try grinding/salvaging them just to be safe, but that’s just a guess.