"Can't Ressurect" --> "Ressurection Limit"

The “Can’t Ressurect” realm property feels like it has some room to be stratified a little bit so that revive-based builds can be penalized instead of disabled entirely.

The game already has a ressurection limit of 10 anyway, so I’d suggest a realm property that tightens that restriction to ~3/2/1/0, which also gives it a way to vary in intensity. Still a dangerous property for builds that lean heavy on revival mechanics, but less of a “gotcha” when it pops up in the hidden properties.

Another option would be to put a cap on the health that can be gained from revival, something like ~40/30/20/10/5% of max health. Again, varies in intensity, this time punishing builds who want big revives but leaving the “lots of little revives” builds mostly alone.

Loving the game so far! Keep up the good work!