Can't Start Game. White Screen Not Responding

Added the Alpha through steam and anytime I click play, a white window pops up and freezes. Task Manager says Siralim Ultimate Not Responding.

I tried:
Running .exe from local folder
Running as Admin
Running with disabled fullscreen optimization
Running at Win 7 compatible
Disabling half my CPU cores through Ryzen Master

System Spec:
Win 10 Home
AMD 3950X
NVidia 1080 TI
32 GB Ram
1440p 144hz + 1080p 60hz screen setup

What can I try to make it work?

Edit: I don’t know if this is related but Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms gives me the same behavior. Maybe it’s made in gamemaker as well. Looks like I can’t start Siralim 3 as well. The same behavior.

Do you have any antivirus software running? It might have something to do with that.

Otherwise, as ridiculous as this sounds, could you please try restarting your computer?

Hi Zack,

Thanks for the quick response! Hope you’re getting some sleep during the alpha launch, don’t forget it’s very important to relax and take care of yourself.

I’ve tried restarting multiple times. No help.

I have Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes Firewall control. I’ve Whitelisted the games in both to no luck.

I think this is related to GMS as Siralim 3 and Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms are not working as well. Any idea what supporting libraries GMS is using for their games? Maybe I’m missing somekind of framework.

I wonder if you’re missing DirectX 11. Can you try installing it?

Looks like I already have the newest DirectX 11, still no good. Does it use any .NET frameworks?

Tried disabling both Malwarebytes apps and that was not helpful.

Sorry to keep on throwing download links at you, but can you also see if this is installed as well?

No worries. Where should I place the extracted files?

Sorry, got it figured out. It was just an archive that needed a folder to extract the setup files. Got that installed. Ran the game, still no go. Going to reboot and try again.

Game still shows as Not Responding with just a white screen windowed app.

I’m honestly pretty stumped on this one.

Did you install the game to your C:\ drive? Maybe there’s something weird that happens if you installed it on an external hard drive.

Nope, the game is installed through Steam on a SSD that’s different than the OS SSD.

Could you please try to install the game on the same SSD as your OS and see if that works?

Just reinstalled it onto C: drive and still no go. I tried updating the NVidia drivers as well but that didn’t help.

Ok, don’t kill me, but I have one final thing for you to try downloading:

No worries man, I’m willing to try whatever.

No go.

I installed VS 2015, 2017, 2019 in both x86 amd x64 and restarted. Didn’t work.
I installed VS 2013, didn’t work.
I installed VS 2012 in x86 and x64, didn’t work.

I also tried in Task Manager to click on Details and Analyze Wait Chain but the game isn’t blocked by any software.

Do you have multiple video cards? Maybe some kind of integrated Intel card or something like that?

I just have the 1080 Ti. The 3950X doesn’t have an integrated gpu in it so that’s in the clear.

Maybe I’m overdue for a fresh Win 10 reinstall…

It’s possible that’s what is needed, unfortunately. I’ve never heard of another player having this issue before, and after Googling it quite a bit, it seems like no one has encountered this problem with a GameMaker game either.

This issue has been solved, but the original poster can’t post here anymore due to forum restrictions (new users can only post 10 messages over a certain period of time).

For anyone else who runs into this issue, download the VC redistributable I linked above and then restart your computer.