Carnal Genesis with Sense of Purpose gives a bug

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    I am running a team that has Carnal Genesis (When your creatures are healed, they have a 30% chance to move to the top of the Action Queue.) with Sense of Purpose (At the start of this creature’s turn, your creatures recover 25% Health.) My Frozen Spirit is the one with Sense of Purpose, and it is in the last spot on my team, which I think is the issue. When it’s turn comes up, everyone gets healed, so some jump up in the action queue. If Frozen Spirit had the Carnal Genesis proc it shows twice in the queue (once for it’s current turn, and presumably once for it’s new turn.) But then at the end of the current turn it jumps to the next creature.

Basically, either the bug is that it is showing my Frozen Spirit twice, or that my Frozen spirit only goes once. I am not sure which behavior was intended.

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Thanks, I’ll have this fixed for the release! This is a display bug that causes creatures to sometimes appear twice at the top of the Action Queue. The creature isn’t supposed to receive two turns though, so that part is working as intended.