Cave Cockatrice's Weird Dance trait

Noticed that the 2 traits that Cockatrice gains are always 2 copies of the same trait. Both for Cockatrice in my party, and for enemies.
For example, my Cockatrice always gains 2 copies of my Unicorn’s ‘Reinvigoration’.

Not certain if this is a bug or not - would’ve expected my cockatrice ot gain 2 random Unicorn traits, however i’ve so far not encountered more than one creature from each race. Does Weird Dance only select traits from creatures you have knowledge of?

Yes, so after you encounter more creatures in the future you’ll notice more traits are available to you.

Ok, cool. Thanks!

Just want to point out that even after collecting more creature knowledge, there is still a hefty chance that it randomly selects two of the same trait for you.

If i’m understanding it right, that chance will become much smaller as knowledge of more creatures is gained. For example, once you have knowledge of 6 creatures in a particular race, there’ll be a 1/6 chance of each trait being selected. So the chance of the two selected traits being identical would only be 1/36, or about 3%

I dont recall my statistics classes well enough to work out the probability of 3 unique traits, taking into account the one of the first creature in the party… but it certainly makes more interesting the decision of when to use the Weird Dance trait.
Leaving the cockatrice out of my party for now, knowing that only one trait can appear… but when i have knowlede of three or four creatures of the same race, it could be quite useful, depending on the traits & synergies available.