Cerberus + Vulpes Trait Bug

So I gave a Vulpes an artifact with a Cerberus trait, but it seems like it won’t activate it’s auto-casts with it.

Based on the descriptions, I wouldn’t think the Velox would be prevented from triggering by Channeling, but in several battles, it doesn’t seem to have cast any of their spells even once… I haven’t tried with other Cerberus or Vulpes traits, so it could just be something with Channeling, but it’s just a little odd, since Velox says it auto-casts and Channeling only prevents manual casts.

I’m on 0.8.10 and playing on Windows.

Could you please tell me which spells it should be casting?

Yeah, sorry, I have True Light, Charm of Life, and Determination as it’s first 3.