Challenges: Brainstorming

As has been discussed, many seem to be positive to the idea of having some sort of challenges or competitions. So this topic is for ideas and comments around this. The plan for now is to look at the first idea below (Pure Stat-Based Challenge) and see how good the response is to this challenge before trying anything as ambitious as a weekly challenge. When a challenge is ready to get started a new topic will be created to keep track of the results and the final rules will be posted in the new topic. I will try to keep this post updated during the process of creating the ruleset for a given challenge and if you have any ideas or comments on challenges or competitions, feel free to share them.

Pure Stat-Based Challenge:
This is all about seeing who can get to the deepest realm level by only using pure stat-based abilities. The nature of this challenge makes it have a large number of banned abilities.

Monthly / Weekly Challenges:
This one is about doing things differently, and might give some weird rules. Some ideas that have been mentioned (or i just pulled out of my…):
How deep can you get with a team only consisting of trolls?
How deep can you get in 1 hour from the game starts with no-castle quests, no-random, hardcore, no reincarnation.
How deep can you get in 10 hours with only ever using 3 creatures at a time with no-castle quest, no-random, softcore, no reincarnation.

The rules posted here are not final, but is an indication of how the challenge is looking in its current form. (consider this a work in progress)

Pure Stat-Based challenge:
Must use pure stat-based abilities: This means that you can not use any ability that bypasses the enemies stats completely in any way.

  • Abilities that swap stats with the enemy team.
  • Instant kills (this also includes Culling Strike, Timebomb and Doom).
  • Status effects that completely puts enemies out of combat, Sleep, Stun, Snare. In addition to Calm.
  • Abilities that do percentage damage in any way or form including, but not limited to, the Chaos Mage perk Sadistic Pleasure and the debuffs Wane and Bleed.
  • “Perfect tanks”, this includes Blood Dance, Death Beckons, Cradle to the Grave and the spell Mass Invisibility.
  • Abilities or buffs that reduce max attack damage taken to X% of your creatures max hp including the Life Mage perk Holy Defiance.
  • All spells that go under any of the categories above, in addition to: Snow Storm
  • Known bugged ability: Toxic Thorns (scales off of the enemies attack stat),
  • Known bugged ability: Catching Fire in combination with Ember to Inferno (deals damage based on too long Burn duration).

Stuff that is allowed: (for clarification)

  • Debuffs like reduce the defence of the target by 25%, give the enemy Weak, Poison, Burn, Disease and so on.
  • Buffs to your team, every buff not in conflict with the banned abilities will be ok (increasing stats, giving Shell, Barrier and so on).
  • Using old saves. Creating a new save is not a requirement to join this first challenge.

Helpful Behaviour:
Here are stuff that will keep the challenge topic (not this one) tidy and easy to follow up on:

  • Do not add a new reply every time you increase your best, instead, add once in a while.

Things to post for a new best:
Team composition, realm level cleared and the level of your mage. (The last one is simply used as a sort of “power comparison” and has no influence on the list)

Further discussion:
Raven Acolyte: Everything is Gone, Im thinking this counts more as a buff / debuff than actually dealing % damage. This is currently planned on being allowed.

Must clear at least 3 floors in a row for it to be accepted as a new personal best. This is something I think might be scrapped, simply because it is impossible to check and it really only makes it more frustrating meeting that one “counter” creature to your setup (if any).

Im not sure wether the challenge needs to have so strick rules regarding percentage damage (current hp), but I think that its better to say no first and then allow in more later on.

Will probably kick off this challenge soon, but no promises yet.

Thanks a lot for getting the ball rolling on this, I am quite interested to see how this works out.

Is the idea that players who wish to participate in this challenge should start a new game when the challenge begins? (Or is it acceptable to use an existing game and just change team composition to match the rules of the game.)

Personally, I think this is a cool idea, and I am actually not very concerned about “proof” or people cheating. This is just a fun forum competition. If someone posts a team composition and claims they beat difficulty 51 with that team composition, but actually they only beat 45 … Then they are lame, and who cares :->

So far the stat-based challenge is thought to be a sort of “all-time-high” thing, so a new save is not needed, as long as the team composition follows the rules. This will give older players an advantage in the case of the first challenge, yes, but its mostly to get the focus away from infinite builds to stat-based builds. It will offer a way to challenge yourself while at the same time you can check up on how the other players are doing. The plan is to list everyone that wants to join in, not just keep the top 10 or so.

Starting a new game is ofcourse something that will probably be a part of some future challenges, should this one be successful. :slight_smile:

The rules listed might make it look strict, but the format requires the users to be truthful and is supposed to be rather casual. By proof, i think screenshot(s) are the best we can do, but having to take a bunch of those makes it less likely that people will join in, so maybe we should just go for posting team composition, depth cleared and perhaps mage level? Last one would just be to have a basis for comparison.

There will also be no lower limit to entry, if you want to join as a new player, you are welcome to do so.

Ill just repeat that feedback is both wanted and needed to get this up and running, since its important that the ones that want to join in feel that the rules are acceptable. Even just posting that you would like to join when it is ready, since that would give an indication as to how many are interested in this. ^^