Change Cheaper Hatching to Cheaper Breeding

It seems like the new replacement for the minimum power balance perk is causing a lot of confusion; and nobody seems to know where the resource cost is in hatching (though I would guess it is from the ritual hatches). Considering it’s priced like an early-game perk, I think changing it like this would alleviate a lot of the cases of people thinking it’s not working like it should and make the perk more useful in general.

There is a cost (crystal and power?) when hatching eggs over gene strength 20 (unless you have the other perk that boosts this).
For a gene strength ~ 25 creature it was about 1,200 (I had Cheap Hatching at level 20).

This seems really underwhelming. When the perk change first happened it was a 50% reduction and now its only a 30% reduction.
It would be well worth the points if that 30% reduction alsoapplied to the power cost of breeding.