Change the display for results of battles from count down to count up

When you currently finish a battle, it shows what resources, exp and ritual points gained. Then it waits for you to press a button before adding them to your current total, then waits for another button press to go to the next screen of items…

Presumably it is done this way so that you can see how many of the relevant resource/exp/etc you gained from the battle - because after the new amount is added, the “earned” values are all 0.

If this was changed to count up so that when everything was added, it showed what you earned then you could eliminate 1 button press for every reward screen. Just show the categories, the current amount and start adding the newly earned, stopping when the total is reached. Then wait for the button press to go to the next category set. Repeat for each one.

Also, set a minimum speed to add numbers at. When you go core hunting, you could be gaining 1-5 xp per battle. This takes just as long to show as if you gained 14,000. I’d suggest that when the XP gain is less than eg 1% of current amount, then just show it instantly instead of counting up/down.

I’m in favor of small time savings and a few button presses every battle.