Chaos God Let's Play

Well after much work, I have finished a Let’s Play that kindly walks through a Chaos God build in 5 parts. If you have criticism or just want to join in on the fun. Please let me know. I love talking about this game and the many different combos. I also like to know if I messed up on something.

Hmm. It seems I am not allowed to post external links on this site. Must be because my post count is lower or something. Anyways, I am Warlord Mal, title of the Let’s Play is Siralim 2 Chaos God on youtube.

I did not want to draw traffic away from the site and wanted to embed but I did not see that as an option. If I can change any of this to be better for these forums, please let me know!

Amazing to see you here Warlord, Sir.