"Character orb" a charm type item to use extra legendary materials/emblems/ect

To simply it a little group the crafting materials by the type of monsters they came from. Such as sorcery or golem

Ex~bats crafting materials add .5% lifesteal~max 15%

Now if only we could read what the image says…

This isn’t even for Siralim, this is a screenshot of some other game’s crafting matrix.

I think what you’re saying is there should be race-specific crafting materials. If that’s the case:

[quote=“VagrantSun, post:9, topic:967”]I dislike Set items, and the concept of randomly finding Uniques that are better than what you can craft - making your own ultimate items has always appealed to me. Instead, I could see using a new kind of material - Mythic, let’s say - during an artifact’s creation to give it an enchant that’s either race or class specific, and could also be coded to require a certain kind of artifact. This allows artifacts to be a little more customized than the current (Sword / Armor / Necklace) paradigm that pretty much rules the game as it stands.

Off the top of my head, seven examples:

Golem Hauberk - Machinehead enchant: When this Armor is equipped by a Golem, it is cured of any negative status effect after one turn.

Carver Kalambit - Killer Instinct enchant: When this Sword is equipped by a Carver, it ignores 30% of its target’s Defense.

Lich Phylactery - Tread the Abyss enchant: When this Ring is equipped by a Lich, it begins the battle with Rebirth.

Occultist Cage - Magesavant enchant: When this Wizard Hart is equipped by an Occultist, it begins the battle with Arcane and Magic.

Hunter Crossbow - Orion’s Laughter enchant: When this Bow is equipped by a Hunter, it cannot miss its target due to Dodge or Blind effects.

Chaos Axe - Skull Offering enchant: When this Axe is equipped by a Chaos creature, it lowers its target’s Chaos Defense by 40% on each hit.

Life Ribbon - Oasis enchant: When this Ribbon is equipped by a Life creature, it heals its team for 10% Max Health each time it Defends.[/quote]

I’ve already got you covered.

Not Exactly lol… take your idea and add it to a charm like item, similar to crown of haste but you can add things to it to get additional buffs.

The race specifics would come from the race that the materials belong to. Like a golem one would add defence. Or a bat one lifesteal or dodge

You can’t tell me some on here doesn’t have 50+ of some legendary materials and they’re like wtf do I do with these…

Another idea is not to put a cap on how many can be added to the item, just have it scale down.


And so in down to where you’re only getting .1% PER said material added

50? Probs have 500.

What to do with them? Try different things, experiment. I enchant 10+ items every day just because I had a stroke of genius that could work. I don’t really mind having them there.