Character Won't Stop Moving Right

I feel really stupid for posting this, but I can’t figure it out. As soon as I load up my save game (or start a new game), my character starts moving right. It is as though I have the ‘D’ key constantly pressed; any other movement key presses are ignored or overridden quickly. It is definitely the ‘D’ key; when I try to remap it in the options menu it instantly resumes the ‘D’ key. I’ve tried reloading my save, starting a new game, restarting the game, verifying the game files, reinstalling the game, restarting Steam and restarting my computer with no change. It only occurs in Siralim 2.

I’m running it on Windows 10 through Steam, version 1.0.8, but have no idea how this started. It started after a load of a save game, it didn’t suddenly start part way through a session. I did alt+tab out of the game during the load.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Pretty weird! Do you have anything plugged into your USB ports? It might help to remove them temporarily to see if that’s the problem.

Wow, you were right on the money! Unplugged my joystick (which has been plugged in for years) and the problem vanishes.

Thanks for your help! I can finally get back to it :smiley: