Charge trait isn't always triggering

v0.8.4. I have a nether brownie loner with an artifact that has the ‘charge’ trait (attack 3 times at start of battle.) The brownie sometimes does, but the majority of the time it doesn’t.

also noticed that. when my creatures with charge artifact does not attack, nothing on enemies should prevent the trait to trigger actually, for example charm-spawned apis charger groups that im doing now, 90% of time my charge perk works, 10% or so they dont, when they dont, i inspect enemies artifacts, they have nothing to prevent it, actually i doubt anything in game should/can prevent charge, still its not triggering time to time.

Other effects that trigger on start of battle: supersonic/bad dreams

And thats actually a problem. Since if enemies have nix backstabber and i have 2 creatures with charge, charge for some bug/mystic reason wont trigger, im dead, like 100% dead. Otherwise its 50/50

Can you please look into that matter? I just dont see any point on using charge at all, have to just bag that build i was trying and do something else instead.

Again totally cant figure what may cause it, i doesnt look like any enemy traits, it doesnt look like any of my traits, it looks like on start of the battle its a coinflip and it will either work or wont, also i have 2 creatuers with charge, it will work on both or fail on both. What at all can cause a trait that works 100% of time unconditionally not to work?

Also despite the fact that trait that decays artifacts at the start of the battle may cause that effect as well, here i describe the cases that has nothing to do with that trait, as in all cases of failing i examined enemy creatures traits/artifacts and never encountered it.

The nether brownie also has Zero-to-One, as a nether trait (When this creature attacks, it casts one of its single-target spells. This also isn’t triggering consistently.

I’ve probably poured a collective 3-4 hours into trying to figure out why this is happening (a few people reported this on the Steam forums yesterday as well), but I’ve had no luck. I’m going to add some additional information to the battle history log for the next patch to see if that can help us narrow down the problem, though.

I also fixed a lot of things in today’s patch (0.8.5) that could have possibly solved the problem as well, so please let me know if the problem persist in 0.8.5.

I can confirm it is still a bug in v0.8.5. But thank you for working so hard to fix it, and good luck! I’m excited for the next update c:

bug still stands, plus i think this is not only charge’s problems, but a system bug/active trait problems that occur on start of combat

now i was trying pandemonium fever on 5 creatures artifacts, it worked until that bug occured, again i meet 6 creatures in normal realms, pandemonium fever trait not working, enemy composition is: drifting shade, 2x stag spirits, apis guardian, doomsday spectre, canopy arachnalisk, none of their artifacts have additional traits.

Stuff is really serious if it affects all traits that may fire at the start of combat, tbh back the time (a huge amount of it) when i was using pallida, ive also noticed that it sometimes absolutely failed, despite chances for it to fail were far less then 1% (15% per gem, spell tap gems werent temporary, so creatures had up to 70 attack spellgems combined, with 15% chance of activation each, none activating seemed a miracle, yet it happend like 1-3 times per map ez, that what we see now with charge and pandemonium fever)

So maybe should look not into charge itself, or pandemonium fever, but in the mechanism that handles activate at the start of the battle overall, since something fishy can be allready found in at least 3 traits that should fire 100% of time unless supressed, but instead fail to fire at some 5-20% rate for no apparent reason.

I finally managed to figure out what the problem is. I’ll have a fix ready for the next patch, I hope!

thats very cool! thanks, will be waiting