Charm fragments


I think there is a problem with charm fragments you find in the realms. I understand you have to find 5 of them to gain an artifact. I Have found one, then two and the text said I had found two, that’s OK. But when I found a third, the text said I had found only one. That is as if the fragments counter was being reseted at some point. Conclusion I have never found the 5 parts.

It resets after you travel to a new realm. Is that what’s happening?

No it has reset while I was on the same realm. I was doing a daily realm when it happened. Is it possible it resets because I have put the game to the background, or anything like that ?

Just realized that it will reset after completing a quest, such as finding Bynine’s Journal or ingots for the blacksmith. To work around this for now, don’t turn these quests in until you’ve collected all 5 fragments. Thanks for letting me know about this!

Ah yes I’m sure I have completed such a quest before finding all fragments.