Cheaper Hatching (Bug)

Ok so, I have it maxed at 20/20 and it says it reduces the amount of powre required by 50%, but it still takes 50% of my power balance to hatch an egg. V0.0.26

It only reduces Power, not Power Balance.

Hatching costs Power (the resource)?
I never noticed.

…But breeding doesn’t take Power? It has only ever taken power balance? Or is that a bug? Even the guy says it takes 50% power balance, the resource Power doesn’t move at all when you breed, breeding hasn’t been taking Resources of any kind since launch, I thought that was intentional because it ate so much power balance.

The perk is for hatching, not breeding :wink:

Wow I totally spaced on that…

Also I don’t think Hatching takes any resources right now either, I’d have to double check though.