Chef Text Improvement

Currently, when you have a Chef Buff active and visit the Chef he says “Surely you haven’t fully digested your last meal already”

This is true even if your current Buff has 0 Realms left (and will wear off as soon as you exit the Castle)

I would recommend that the Chef be changed so that he gives the “Surely you can’t fully digested your last meal already” only if you have ONE OR MORE realms left on the current buff.

(That is, the Chef shouldn’t try to dissuade you from buying a new Buff if your current buff will wear off the moment you leave the castle)

I think it would be better if the chef buffs got decremented when you RETURNED from a realm to the castle, rather than the other way around. It’s very frustrating not to notice that you have 0 realms left on your buff and then realize that you’ve lost the benefit as soon as you step into the realm.

That’s an excellent point. Getting the message “Your Cooking Buff has worn off” when you arrive in the Castle could be a useful reminder to visit the Chef.

Yeah, it’s much easier to pop over immediately to refresh your buff than to remember to do so the next time you come back :).

Of course, this wouldn’t help if you are going straight through Realms without returning to the castle. A little warning icon or message that your buff is about to expire might be nice in that case.

I like the buff wearing off when you get back to the castle.

The notification of 1 realm remaining when you enter your last realm before it expires is a good idea, but I think it’d be better if there was a pop up when you click on the teleportation shrine that tells you that your buff will wear off when you enter the next realm.

Also for new players, I think it’d be helpful if the Chef said “+100% to ARTIFACT materials” or “ENCHANTMENT materials” for that recipe. I thought materials just meant all resources when I first started playing.