Choosing a tank

Really enjoying the game so far! I’m level 50, and I’ve been using the Stronghold as a tank throughout this playthrough. I’ve been thinking about switching him out for another tank, perhaps the Brownie Mauler, but I haven’t come across any artifact or material that would grant the taunt effect. I’m reluctant to switch from the Stronghold because of how consistent his ability is. Is there any way to enhance another creature with taunt so that they would be attacked as consistently as a Stronghold?

Perhaps there’s a better tank choice than either of those monsters. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, is there any resource that lists what abilities do? For example, I have a Mutant Swampdweller that affects enemies with blight, but I have no clue what blight does. I checked the library and googled to no avail. Thanks!

Welcome to our forum! Glad you’re enjoying the game so far.

There’s a material called Greater Inscription of Taunt that gives a creature Taunt permanently.

You can find out what Blight does by visiting the library and talking to the librarian (Katarina). She offers a full list of every buff and debuff in the game.

Wow, I read every book in the library and didn’t think to ask the librarian herself! : ) Thanks for the quick response and great job on designing such an excellent game.

As a tank I would suggest the Pegasus that will intercept killing blows to your creatures from direct attacks while reducing that damage by 30%. You don’t really need to taunt with such an ability. Of course the Pegasus needs a lot of health.

That pegasus sounds perfect! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him yet. About to finish More Creatures - 11, so hopefully he’ll pop up soon!