Chumsie provides feedback.

Didn’t take notes, so this rambling preamble is going to be rather, well, rambly. Beware. Likewise it bears to mention that I have only been experimenting with spellcasting teams and have a very strong bias towards magic in general.


Gotta be honest here and say that I found the Wizard class (Sorcery) to be very underwhelming. And I went out of my way to try and make the class work in Siralim the First, despite it easily being the worst class back then. Wild Magic is, in my humble opinion, THE worst perk in the game. Sure, Guiding Light (Cleric/Life) dosen’t affect combat, but at the very least it does something cool and unique. Early game Wild Magic can provide you with some assisstance in terms of your Spell-Gem collection, but Warlock (Chaos) does that not only more efficiently, but in a more fun and interesting manner, by means of the “Sacrifice at Blank” perks.

The Meditation perk is cool, but losing the Provoke command can be rather damning and I haven’t personally been using it that much myself. Then again, I have a personal love for Familiars and they never run fry anyway.

The thing is that Wizard is suppossed to be “The” spellcasting class, but the only real advantadge, that you get over Chaos’ Sacrifice at Blank, is Echo and while Echo is crazy strong, it’s a very, very costly investment. Chaos gets soooo much millage, in terms out of spellcasting, by being able to tool-box better than anyone else, unlocking more options for spellcasting teams and just having sooooo much synergy unlocked. And that’s just for 20 Divinity Points per class.

Personally I’d love for either all classes to have their own “Sacrifice at Blank” variants, because they’re just fun, or for just Wizards to be giving something similar. For instance access to the classes that you beat, rather than get beaten by.


Palace Familiar - is hella’ bonkers. One of them in a pure Familiar Team translates into a 150% boost to stat manipulation, two into a 300%, four 450% and it goes on and on. Throw Lich King’s effect on one or two of them and you’ll get obscene stats in no time. Sure, if you’re just limiting yourself to Sorcery gems its kind of bad (because Sorcery is bad for spellcasting) as you’ll only get boosts to Blur and a handful of Intelligence decreasing spells. But add in any other school and things get crazy. I suggest making it non-stackable.

Occultist Spellbinder - She’s kind of useless, which is sad as she has an amazing sprite. Might I suggest switching her trait with the Delusion Occultist, just to make proper use of how awesome she looks? Or better yet; completely change her ability.

Spider Occultist - She’s worse than the other 4 “Cantrip” minions. Casting Magic Missile at 100% potency sounds awesome, untill you find out that Goretongue Gargoyle and Lich Priest give you Moderate damage spells with added effects.

Imp Necromancer - I know that I’m the one, who pointed out that New-Necromancer’s ability seemed to be missing from the game. But he was such a cool minion and he created a lot of building options. Admittedly he may have been able to create too many options, but he was so much fun nevertheless. I don’t wish to see him changed again, but I do hope we’ll see more Old-Necromancer’esque abilities in the future.

Lich Hellcaster/Death Bat - Not entirely sure, but I can’t help but feel like they’re getting lower numbers, than what they should, in Swiftcasting builds. Might just be my immagination, but I just can’t shake off this feeling that there’s some wonkyness going on.

Creep Mummy - Seems to be providing his stat boost, even while your guys are attacking. I also didn’t notice any real difference with my Pit Worm with or without him.

Scourge Mummy - He’s just bad. Which is a damn shame, as I really like the mummies and have been leveling my current main-file (Chaos, because it’s just better at magic) with a Mummy/Pit Worm combination. Tons of fun.

Mummy Lord and other “does things when they attack” minions - These guys face a serious issue in the current game, although Mummy Lord is one of the better examples of why, in that an attack which deals 0 damage, or misses, won’t trigger the effect. This is a massive issue for a lot of them, as they usually can’t afford to invest into Speed/Attack and the Mummy Lord REALLY can’t afford to invest in the aggressive stats. As he kind of has to survive three big hits. Suggestion: Make 0 damage attacks trigger on-hit effects, this’d go a long way to nerf Defense as well.

Sins, Gorgons and Yetis feel horribly out of place in their respective classes. Same goes for Unicorns, but to a lesser extent.

Demi-God used to be the silliest family name in the game. Now, thanks to what little story Siralim the Second has, it’s even sillier.


First of all. It is rather difficult to get a decent collection of Spell Gems in the early game. Might it be an idea to make the Spell Gem vendor one of the first merchants unlocked, so as not to make spellcasting more viable in the early game?

I’d rate the schools of magic as follows, for spellcasting teams - Death/Life are the best, followed by Nature, then comes Chaos and finally Sorcery.

Sorcery, yet again “the” spellcasting school, is, by far, the worst school for a spellcasting team. To the point where its more of a drawback for a minion to be Sorcery classed, than its a boon. Sure, there are cool things that you can do. But they either require you to go for Swiftcasting, which makes the various Intelligence-synergy Sorcery minons obsolete, or abuse the everyloving heck out of Haste+Thaumaturgy to create an infinite Intelligence loop. Neither of which is really that fun.

My beef with Sorcery is down to three main issues; a lot of the spells don’t care about Intelligence, either because they scale off different stats, or because they simply don’t scale at all; the class has no access to Intelligence or Defense boosts and finally; the class doesn’t have any decent options in terms of survival.

I discovered this after loading my game post-patch 0.8.0 and realizing that Imp Necromancer had been changed, possibly for being underused or overpowered, and that simply not having the option of spamming Unholy Conffession, Necromantic Armour, Wrath of Nature, Dust Cloak or Rain of Blood, made a great many of my spellcasting set-ups borderline useless.

Also, it’d be nice to have a “spell power” number for our spells, rather than just “small”, “moderate”, “large” and “massive”.


  • Skeletal Marksman is not really the best choice for an early game creature. This has been mentioned elsewhere, but I’m just throwing it out there. I do love how the first realm always seems to give you a Death Shield, for the first boss.

  • I personally believe that the first member of any giving family, that the player encounters, should be the “base” creature for that family. It gives them a feeling of “evolving” when they breed them together and makes it that much more fun to see the more advanced versions. Encountering a Volatile Phoenix is cool, but encountering a Royal Phoenix and breeding it to get the purple wonder is even cooler.

  • I likewise believe that the player should be able to get the base creature in any giving family through the story-line/gods. I mention this as I didn’t see any wild Waspid Workers or Spider Occultists in the wild. And while I think it a good thing, that Sins/Sancti/Demi-Gods (snicker) are limited to breeding/questing. I don’t agree with any other families being in the same boat.

Also, MAD props on making creature class matter. I looooooooooove the spellgem system.


Too much god-nonsense. Misery would, in my opinion, be a much more interesting villian if he were a mage, just like the player, the “reward” of ascending to godhood seems a tad silly to me and all of the constant talk of gods got boring rather quickly. One of the most interesting things about Siralim is that it’s about being a spellcaster who does spellcasting stuff and constantly talking about celestial entities feels quite a bit like “going to space”. Which is a common writing trope in which things are made bigger and bigger for the sake of being bigger and ultimately forces the story into a hold, as there’s a limit to just HOW big things can get.

Now the player is a god who’s buddy-buddy with the gods. Now what? It’s an awefully limiting posistion to put oneself into, storywise. Yes, I get that story isn’t Siralims main-focus (although I intend to try an make some fan-lore-dweeping, where I’ll be attempting to make sense of it soonish) but I’m providing feedback here, gosh dangit.

Also, the God of Revolution is alligned with Death? The warh?

Honestly, and I know I’ve mentioned this several times before. I really, really don’t get why the Chaos>Death>Life>Nature>Sorcery cycle isn’t Chaos>Life>Death>Nature>Sorcery. But I digress.

Pardon for the rambling and for writing this off the top of my head, but its been long overdue.

Just remembered a couple of things:

  • The shops reset not just after completed dungeon runs, but after resetting the game aswell. This makes it incredibly easy to gather legendary materials, as all you have to do is save, quit and reload your save.

  • In my current run I’ve been getting little to no crystals, despite chucking down crystal boosting foods like there’s no tomorrow. I suspect there might be something wrong with the loot tables and that maybe some of the foodstuff is giving out the wrong effects. Can’t verify it, though.

  • Life starting with the Dusk Crusader, a decidedly not-Life’y looking creature, seems a tad off to me. Same goes for Chaos’ rather green fiend. Might I suggest switching these two creature sprites with the Destroyer Fiend (base Fiend sprite) and either the Dawn- or Holy Crusader respectively? Makes them feel a lot more “base” and representative of their respective classes.

  • Starting the game with a Wolpertinger, a rather advanced creature trait-wise, might be a bit too much for Nature players.

Also, Mitida Ophan seems to consistently cause the game to crash. Not sure if it’s an old bug, just quickly mentioning it.