CJ mechanics question

All, I have a question or two on CJ mechanics that aren’t clear to me. I found a few comments in version notes that help somewhat, but still a bit confused. Hoping the community can clarify for me?

  1. Was wondering if Heart of Darkness simply ignores CJ settings. However, I found notes on patch 0.11.0 that suggest this was the case, but has been changed so that HoD still allows CJ bonuses. Is that still the case?

  2. What, exactly, does the CJ bonus apply to? Everything in the realm or just fights? A couple of examples:
    2a. If I open a chest, does it have more due to CJ bonus?
    2b. If I finish a god objective and get resources etc does that increase due to CJ bonus?

  3. Final question - if the realm says that I’ll get 100% less bonus (due to level difference) is that genuinely 100% of the bonus lost (ie. I get no extra at all compared to CJ being turned ‘off’)?

Cheers and thanks in advance.