Clarity and experience gain


I had not noticed that the Clarity spell now grants Magic buff to all creatures instead of the significant experience boost. Is there a spell that grants that experience gain ? I was using it a lot to boost low level creature growth.

Nope, there are no spells or buffs that increase experience gained. The mechanic felt kind of awkward since the buff had to be present at the end of battle to gain the benefit. There is still a consumable item that increases experience gained at the end of the next battle.

I was saving all my clarity spells for leveling up high level creatures at a later time. Whoops! Should have used em when I could.

I liked this spell. I’ll miss it :slight_smile:

I am working on adding about 80-90 new creatures to the game (that’s what I do when I need a break from redoing the UI and things like that) and one of the creatures will increase the experience gained by creatures that are a lower level than your character.

Edit: I should note that these creatures won’t be included with the next update. They’ll be in the update after the UI overhaul.

That’s great news. Can’t wait to see all these updates.