Class Change?

When do we get the ability to class change exactly? Cause I wanna know if I should just eat the 8 hours and start another save as not life mage, or if I can suffer through for another 3-4 hours to get to a class change. This is just absolutely atrocious for me. My perks feel 100% useless and I’m struggling to even level on stuff 3 levels under me. X_x

To Clarify, I’m on the quest to get to level 27, and pretty much every boss I have to go back and grind out levels and completely swap my team cause I just get stomped into the ground at every new dungeon. I dunno what on earth I’m doing wrong but, I don’t remember struggling this hard in S2 for sure.

was a bit into the post-game and that didnt show up yet so I’d just restart as nature or sorcery, youll get there in like 1-2h

If you get your favor with Yseros to deified you can purchase an item to change class