Class levels

I’m sure many of us have heard of multiclass characters. A character with levels in multiple classes. I was thinking on the topic lately, and i’m curious about hiw classes are going to work in S3.

Since levels will be more meamingful, i was thinking that, potentially, there may be some kind of pick-a-perk system when you level up, or you could decide to leave those points for a later level, IDK. So a 10-th level Death mage becomes intrigued with Life magic, and desides to dabble in life mage, becoming a Death 10/Life 1, and it may present a new kind of end game thing, getting max levels in all mage classes, and building the ultimate multichromal team, with each creature class included or something. This whould need some more creatures whose traits backed up other creatures’ from different classes, but could be an interesting thing to try. I’m intrigued with the ideas of noclass creatures in the game.

What is your opinion, Zack?

You know you can use any creature with any mage class, right?

Yes, but i meant more like mixing the traits up.