Class Perk Costs

I know that the class perks are one of the things being worked on now so I thought I’d add what I think is a big problem with them currently. I think the cost for the 25 rank perks is way too high, going up by 3 each rank means to max out one of these perks is 925 deity points. For the same amount of points you could max out all of the general character perks, the value doesn’t make sense.

I think at a minimum the increase per rank should be reduced to 1 so that maxing one of these perks would cost 325, which I still think is too high. I think it would be better if they had a flat cost for each rank, something like 3 or 4 per rank so that it would only cost 75 or 100 deity points to max the perk. I think this would match up better with the costs of the other categories of perks. Another advantage of a flat cost would be that it would allow you to charge different amounts if you feel one perk is better than another.

I think the class perks should be appealing and reasonable to go for early in the game so that the class you chose would actually have a noticeable impact on your playing through the story.

I agree that class should be meaningful in the early game instead of ultra late game as it is now. Late game investments should be stuff that doesn’t have a rank limit like basic stat boosts.

I could still accept it as a mid game investment at somewhere between 200-400 total points invested per skill as long as the effects are meaningful. I still don’t fully know how diety points get added past the first deified rank with a god though, I assume you get more each rank. I was super sad once I hit the first rank and got a pathetic 5 points for it. Maybe the current skill investment is more reasonable if the points you get per rank are significant, I don’t really know.