Class Swap interactions inconsistent between Enemies and Temporary Creatures

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Windows (Steam)
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In a recent patch, the way enemy creatures interacted with Class Swapped spell gems was changed to be more consistent with how it works for the player’s permanent creatures: they now only are able to have spell gems of the same class equipped, but those gems could potentially be any spell from any class as long as they’re Class Swapped to the creature’s own class. I admit I found this change frustrating, since previously I would only need to Inspect Chaos creatures for the presence of Warp Reality but now every enemy in the game can possibly have it available. It makes sense that it would work this way, though, even if it means enemy Resurrections are much more common now.

The problem is that temporary creatures’ spell gem pool hasn’t been updated to match the way every other creature’s spell gem pool works now. Summoned creatures of a given class will only ever have spells of that specific class’s spell pool equipped, but that limited selection of spells can and often will be Class Swapped to completely different classes (see attached screenshot).

I transformed my Life-Spell-buffing Ophan into my Nether Creature specifically because I summon Life Creatures; the fact that so many of their spells get swapped away from being Life element for absolutely no benefit is extremely frustrating. It’s even worse than that, actually: the spells’ mana costs are inflated by the Class Swap Property! It’s a trade-off that makes sense when it allows creatures to access spells they’d otherwise be unable to cast, but when randomly applied to the spells they would have had anyway it’s a senseless punishment for attempting to incorporate RNG into one’s party design.

Oh jeez I accidentally replied again. That “Quote” button placement is troublesome, haha.

Now that the mana cost penalty on Class Swapped gems has been increased, it’s even more frustrating that a temporary creature’s native spells can be Class Swapped to different class for no benefit and even higher mana cost than before. Please either disable “Class Swap” properties from appearing on temporary creatures’ gems or make it so that they apply instead to other classes’ spell gems to swap them to the creature’s native class, the same way it has to be with permanent creatures.

Paying a mana tax to be able to cast a Death, Chaos, Sorcery, or Nature spell with a summoned Life Creature makes perfect sense. Paying that tax to cast spells they would have had anyway, but in a manner that doesn’t benefit from various traits they could be summoned with (Imps, Occultists, Gargoyles, Ophans, Liches) must surely be a bug.