Cloth Abomination and Surathli Card Bug or Feature?


I got the Surathli Card which grants a barrier of 10% Max Health for each monster. So 1000 health plus 10% is 1100 health plus the barrier.
That works fine, but I am not sure if the card shall disable the trait of the cloth abomination. I have Cloth Abomination and regalis in my team to share the barrier from the Cloth Abomination trait with all my monsters. But if I do not squelch Surathlis card I do not get the barrier from the Cloth Abomination trait and only the 10% max health barrier.
Is that intended?

Kind regards

Barriers override each other when applied, so although this interaction is mostly an oversight on my part when designing the card effects, it’s technically working correctly.

Ok, that explains the behaviour, thank you Zack =)