Cloud Save names missing.

While exporting and importing cloud saves seems to be working just fine, the save name/level etc data doesnt seem to transfer. Nothing updates on cloud list, looks like there is no save in spot 1, however after downloading the apparently non-existant cloud save again it seems just fine. This was all done on the same machine (windows xp, steam version).

(Unused Save Slot) is what my first slot says on the cloud, even though my save is uploaded and possible to download from there. Once downloaded the name stays (Unused Save Slot) however the filesize is correct and the actual file works. Just seems that the name is removed and the default string of (Unused Save Slot) is substituted.

Once the downloaded save is loaded into the game and then saved again, the correct name with level/time played etc is once again visible.

Should be fixed now - please restart Steam to download a new update. Sorry about that!

No worries, also its usually enough to do a file verify to update.

Awesome support btw.