Cloud Save problems

So after a few days of frustrative searching to no avail, Figured i would try my hand at this place.

So I started playing the game, and honestly absolutely love it. I have a few different devices that i wish to enjoy the game on. The cloud saving in between multiple computers/devices is actually what sold me, i wished to support that aspect if nothing else. However i have run into a road block. I can boot the game up export to the cloud, and import just fine from the same computer. The Cloud ID i can see. I go onto the second device, i change the cloud ID to match that of the first device, save it, see that it has indeed been saved, go to import, and the cloud id has changed back to the original one the device had. Attempt to change the first computer’s cloud ID to match that of the second… no dice.

Long story short Changing the cloud ID in attemps to allow myself to sync save data between two devices is not saving at all. It keeps reverting back to the cloud ID the game created first. … So… is the feature not working? am i doing something wrong? I try to run the game in administrator and the game won’t start at all. That was one of the few ideas i had. So… Help?

I’m actually uploading a fix for this right now!

Yaaaay!!! Thank you for such a prompt response!