Cloud Saves on Android and PC


I have been unable to use cloud saves for quite a while now.

On PC (Currently 1.0.6, but has been happening since about a month or two after launch, I guess), when I select “Cloud Storage” and then any of the options beneath that, I see the error message: “You do not have a Cloud ID. To obtain one, please connect to the internet and restart the game.”

I’ve restarted the game plenty of times, but it won’t allow me to access the cloud. I know it worked at some point in the past, because I used it a little after launch.

Today, I bought the Android version (also 1.0.6), and when I navigate to cloud storage (before I even see the options listed there), I see the error “Could not connect. Please try again later.” I have tried both with Wifi connected and with cellular data – both produce the same error message.

I turned off my windows firewall for testing, as well as added an exception for Siralim 3. I don’t really have anything else running except discord and whatever regular stuff is running on Win10, and I’ve tried connecting using my VPN software and without it.

I’m not sure what’s going wrong here, am I just cursed?

I think I’ve figured out a way to add a safety check to the game to make sure this doesn’t happen for some people. It’ll be included in the next patch. Sorry about that!

I’m on the latest Android version and receiving the “Cannot connect” error whenever I attempt to access my cloud saves. Haven’t tried PC version yet (despite having it installed, ha) cause when I do I wanna continue my game from my phone :o
Connected on Wifi with a Pixel 2, if that helps

Same issue - same phone.


I just tried to use the cloud save again (for the first time since the fix). I can now see my cloud ID, but everytime I upload my game to the cloud, it appears to change my cloud ID. If I re-enter the cloud ID that I was given/used to upload the game, my save does not appear to be there. I don’t know if this is related to the fix for the issue I reported in this threat, but I thought I would bump this thread in an attempt to preserve the history!

Let me know if I can provide any more information.

Thanks! v1.0.11