Cloud Storage Bug

Hello, I’ve been playing Siralim for some months using the same phone and have never used cloud storage on this time.

Since recently i’ve bought a new phone, I did try to enter the Cloud Storage menu and export the save (143 hours) to Cloud, but when I click any of the 3 options: Import From Cloud, Export To Cloud or View/Edit Cloud ID, it says “You do not have a Cloud ID. To obtain one, connect to internet and restart the game”

But I’m already connect to the Internet, the I restart the game and it keeps saying the same thing: You do not have a Cloud ID. To obtain one, connect to the internet and restart the game… I did try it many times…

I play it on Galaxy s3 mini.

Please help me

Does it say “Online data acquired.” on the title screen?

Yeah, it used to say “Online Data Acquired” on title screen, as I always participated in Daily Realms and Free Daily Spell using Internet…

But now that is no more a problem, because yesterday I tried to solve that problem by myself.

Trying to solve it, I created a backup file of the installed Siralim app using a file explorer app function, then I unistalled Siralim and installed it again from the backup file. It was a mistake.

The new installed Siraliim was working Ok. But the saves were not there, it was a clean new game. At least the cloud storage problem was solved, as now it shows and edit my Cloud ID…

Now I need help to get my save back (143 hours and almost 19 strong nether monsters). Is there any way I can retrieve it?

Sorry if any bad english grammatics, I’m not a natural speaker.

Unfortunately, if you uninstall the game on Android or iOS, your save files are removed as well :frowning:

I have “Online Data acquired” on the title screen but no Cloud ID. Any advice? I would like to play on my desktop but seem to be stuck playing on my Laptop. Both Running Windows 7. Both playing from steam.

If your playing on PC this is what i was told by Thyclacine Studios in a reply to a similar question.

Deleting config.sav tends to work for some people, but make sure you note down your Cloud ID because it’ll try to give you a new one when you restart the game. You’ll find it in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\local\Siralim2/save.

But i cant figure out on my phone how to to this so I can use the cloud to transfer it back to my phone?

Unless your device is rooted, you can’t access those files. Fortunately, I’m fairly confident I’ve finally figured out the problem and this should fix itself in the next patch. Sorry about that!

Well thank you for the reply and will look forward to this fix :slight_smile:

If you go to settings> device> Applications> Application Manager> Siralim 2, Force Stop. Then go to storage and clear data. This will remove save and config files without “root”. Then Import from cloud storage. Wont help with export… but it can allow you to import from PC to phone/tablet.