Cloud Storage not overwriting old save

I recently started using my mobile version of Siralim Ultimate, often cloud saving as often as I can to prevent data loss, especially during the card event. Today I noticed that when I attempted to overwrite my old cloud save, the popup text claimed that it was overwritten but the time stamp of the save file indicated it was an older save rather than the new one I had just posted onto it. I attempted several times to overwrite said save and post a this save into a different slot to try and see if that slot was bugging out. All my current attempts on the mobile version to overwrite my current cloud save don’t seem to work at all. I can successfully import the old save but not export my current more advanced save file.

After crafting a temporary Cloud ID to test if I could save the file there, it seems that the new save file itself is having some issue being put on the Cloud ID. So rather than the old save or cloud not reflecting the newer save file, the file itself seems to have an issue overwriting the old save file.

Honestly, if I should just reuse my backup save and let go of all my new progress as there doesn’t seem to be a solution I can see. I might just do that…

hey bro. just wondering if u still experiencing the same issue of your cloud not being overwritten. I’m also experiencing the same issues which is so inconvenient as I wanna play both pc and phone but it keeps ignoring my updated progress on my phone when i try importing it.

No fixes yet. Can’t seem to make it work. I’ve largely given up on fixing the issue, its not something I can fix without outside input.

I guess we have to wait for now. As for my part, I’m guessing the filesize of my savefile is too big for the cloud to overrwrite. Been using the savefile since the early release and already has 3k+ hours

Not sure thats it. I have a file of relatively similar size to the one experiencing the issue, but the file seems to have some kind of error preventing it from being recognized by the cloud and overwriting the older save.

I see. Just to make sure we have the same scenario, you successfully able to to save it to cloud ONCE but after that, it just won’t overwrite anymore? No errors showing up, but its just the cloud savefile that stays the same whenever you export it from mobile and PC?

If so, then we have the similar case.

It says the save is successful, but the timestamp remains exactly the same as previously and downloading it shows it as an older save file. It fails to overwrite the old save but states that it successfully did so. I can save on the device just fine and it updates accordingly, but when I try to move it to the cloud to start progressing on my PC again, it fails to save properly and overwrite the old save.

Ah yes that’s exactly what happening to me especially when it says successful (but it’s not). Hopefully we can get a feedback from the dev soon. I wanna play the game in multiple platforms like everyone else.

Indeed. I really don’t want to give up on my newest save, I obtained some very nice cards as drops which would be very difficult to replicate normally.

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I’m very sorry for completely overlooking this topic until now. Someone on reddit brought it to my attention, and I have no idea why I didn’t receive a notification about this topic.

Anyway, I believe the issue occurs when your save file becomes absolutely massive. I did some digging in the code and it seems like it may be an issue specifically with iOS, but it may extend to other platforms as well, it’s hard to say. As a temporary solution, you can try the following to reduce the size of your save file:

  • Grind any unwanted nether stones.
  • Reduce the number of decorations in your castle.
  • Some players tend to summon a ridiculous amount of creatures for no good reason, so if you have 50 Diabolic Menaces, it might be time to let some of them go.
  • Artifacts and Spell Gems take up a decent amount of save file space, so if you haven’t cleaned up your inventory lately, that will help out too.

To be clear, this issue most likely only occurs if your save file is massive, so if that’s not the case for you, please let me know and we can continue troubleshooting from there.

I ground the stones and released a bunch of spare monsters I had collected to form whatever random teams I could think of at the time and that seemed to do it. Thanks for answering it albeit a bit later than expected. I really appreciate it.