Code Redemption Broken

Getting the same error with any of the posted codes floating around. The game hangs on the error and eventually presents a “this app isn’t responding” option menu on Android.

OS: Android
Version: 1.0.7
Model: Pixel 2 XL

Looks like this will happen if the game can’t access the internet. I’ll fix it so the game doesn’t crash when this happens.

On the title screen, does it say “Online data acquired” at the bottom right corner? If not, something is preventing the game from accessing the internet (or maybe you’re not connected to the internet for some reason).

It states “Online Data Could Not Be Acquired”. Both on WiFi and mobile data. Took a glance at permissions and didn’t see anything out of order there.

On a whim, fired up Siralim 2. It returns the “Online Data Acquired” message on the title screen.