Combat History

Hey, instead of typing it all out again, here’s something we discussed in discord the other day. What are your thoughts?

[quote][size=10pt]bluechipps: this has probably been suggested before but, what are the chances of eventually being able to look at combat log “history” after a battle?
Ryaigne: I’ve mentioned it would be nice, but not as an actual suggestion. I’m not sure.
Umaro: I could in version 0.0.-1. It was saved as a text file in the save folder
bluechipps: oh nice, thats encouraging then, might be a simple thing to re enable then if there was enough interest?
bluechipps: its just way harder to test stuff than i thought it would be, in order to see the results in the log :stuck_out_tongue: gotta get the right combo of creatures and the right realm level, so they are strong enough to give test results but not to kill things too fast… lol it gets worse too
Ryaigne: I’ve run into that issue on occasion too when trying to get screenshots for bug reports.
Lady Mercury: Yeah. Also it would be nice for those “wait, what just happened? How did I die?” moment.
Ryaigne: ^And that.[/size][/quote]


One more tiny suggestion, the wording on Chaos Inoculation

I propose it should say “Target’s debuffs are removed and given to it’s enemies at random.”

One of my line-ups is built around the dragon claws trait and so I was trying to use this spell on an enemy to “spread out” its current debuffs between the other enemies… instead it spread them out to all my creatures :stuck_out_tongue: Even though I was a little sad with the result, I do like that the gem does work both ways since there are other potential strategies involving debuffs on your own creatures. I feel like if the wording were adjusted it might also help “hint” to new players of its hidden potential.