Combat log seems even slower on computer

I just switched from iOS to Steam, which made combat seem somehow much slower (partly because it reset my “Instant” text speed setting, I think, but even after I’ve changed that back). I want to second the previous feedback you’ve gotten about trying to reduce message spam in combat. The biggest offender in my mind is the separate messages for
“Your creature Attacks!”
“Your creature hits the other creature for however many damage.”
There’s really no reason to make those separate messages :frowning:

There is a reason, actually. Several abilities activate just before the damage is dealt, so they need to display a message before the total damage is displayed.

Setting your message text to instant and disabling sound effects allows you to hold down the A (or E key if you’re on a computer) and skip everything very quickly.

I see what you mean, but I still think you’d be better off changing the messages to “Your creature attacks the other creature for 300 damage”. If other abilities activate before the damage is dealt, display their messages first. “Your creature attacks, but the Spring Aspect dodges, regaining 40 health.”

I found that turning off the sound helps then holding down the button. Even then, I noticed a slowdown going from 2.0.9 to 2.0.13, mainly scrolling through splash damage seems to be slower now.

Creidieki, Zack is trying to explain that the messages being separate is part of the activation/check/resolve of each of the actions before, during, and after damage.

Yes, I understood that. My suggestion was to remove the “Your creature attacks their creature!” message and add Your Creature to the triggered ability messages. I’m not suggesting any change in how combat is handled, just the removal of one message and the editing of about a hundred others.

Lol, what I mean to say is that I think that message is there to specifically allow a check in action. If not, then I’d agree in combining, but that’s my guess

There’s no player decisions being made at that point. And the side bar that shows whose turn it is has already updated to remove anyone who will die during the attack, so the game knows how the attack is going to go.

The point is to remain user friendly. It’s just weird to randomly see “X did Y damage to your Z” without any explanation. As soon as the dust settles after the Steam launch, I’m going to need to revamp the entire battle engine for a number of reasons, and when I do that I will keep this topic in mind.