Combat Log

This is something that has been kind of a staple for rougelikes, the ability to check back and see what happened though a combat log. Since the steam update the game has become a bit slower(probably because its checking for so many achievements), It would be nice if combat could be made faster then if something goes wrong can look back through the log to figure out what went wrong.

There is also the added benefit of being able to only have to check through the log once at the end of combat for achievements.

edit: was posted in support, not in suggestion :-[

If doing so isn’t too complex, I second the request for an externally parseable combat log. It would be awesome to have a log of the average damage dealtof creatures, taken by other creatures, the effectiveness of status effects, as well as how well all of the above scale as levels advance, rather than relying on my memory of how monsters and status effects do. I use to parse data on the MMOs I play and it’s amazing, but probably way overkill.